im really bored and stressed and confused and i just want to cuddle with someone tbh



New - er plan: fuck me;) lol

Deal acuerdate-de-mi
Anonymous: I love how you're so confident with your body! What are some types to having as you do with my body? What do you do when someone makes negative comments about you? How do you deal with it? I feel ugly only bc my body is nothing special. I have a pretty decent looking face but my body is fat. I got big arms and a fat stomach :( I wish I could wear a bikini. I weight 205 ughhhhh


You have to change your attitude first of all and stop calling yourself average. Secondly realize that fat is not a synonym for ugly, lazy, pathetic, ect. If you’re fat your fat, big deal, accept it move on. There are more important things than if you’re fat or not. As for insults I have a “I don’t care” attitude and I have no idea where the fuck I acquired it. If I read a negative comment I usually roll my eyes and go about my day or give them a sassy reply. The point is I could literally not give two fucks what anyone thinks of me, I just don’t care. I got tired of caring and I really just don’t care about those people. Like anyone that says anything negative about me could drop off the face of the earth and I wouldn’t give a flying fuck. If you’re not for me, then go fuck yourself. Pshhh, wear a bikini. I got rolls, a flabby belly, big arms, thick thighs, and I’m not letting that stop me. Just remind yourself you’re a bad ass fucking bitch that no one can fuck with!


"You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people."
alexandraelle, The Love In You (Love In My Language)